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L'arnica, une arme redoutable contre la douleur et les entorses

Arnica, a formidable weapon against pain and sprains

Arnica acts directly on pain. It must therefore be applied quickly during injuries.

Moreover, in 2013, a systematic review declared Arnica as effective for pain as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.


The German Commission E has approved the external use of Arnica to treat:

  • hematomas
  • edema
  • dislocations
  • bruises
  • muscle and joint disorders
  • inflammation of the mouth and throat
  • boils
  • insect bites
  • superficial phlebitis


Furthermore, ESCOP recognizes its effectiveness for the treatment:

  • bruises

  • sprains

  • inflammation caused by insect bites

  • gingivitis and aphthous ulcers

  • joint pain (rheumatism)

Numerous research on arthritis, osteoarthritis and muscle pain have greatly motivated the use of Arnica in advanced care.

Arnica Montana has an action on blood vessels and in particular small capillaries. It thus helps to stop and absorb the bleeding, especially if it is of traumatic origin. It is therefore at the forefront for bruises.

Arnica also holds first place in the treatment of muscle and joint pain, strains, cramps and sprains, including those of athletes. It is thus included in the most effective rubefacients in combination with other synergistic active ingredients in non-reactogenic plant bases for the skin.

Arnica is one of the key elements of rubefacient MyoRub+ which combine essential active ingredients with the most effective musculo-articular therapies.

It has no recognized contraindications for topical application, which therefore makes it an essential and safe asset for biomechanical care professionals.