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Les 3 critères importants dans le choix de votre tape kinésiologique

The 3 important criteria in choosing your kinesiological tape

Benefits of kinesiological tape

The use of kinesiological tape is used to reduce muscle and joint pain. It is very effective in your postural care by stimulating or relaxing agonist and antagonist muscles.

For posture correction, specific techniques using proprioception make the use of taping essential in the clinic.

For therapists working with athletes, taping has taken on a very important place. You've probably seen a lot of athletes at the Olympic Games wearing them lately!

Although it is used to improve sports performance, it is also used for sports injuries.

The neuro-proprioceptive bandage is also used for everyday injuries for physical workers and others.


Features to have

When choosing the tape to use, the professional must choose a tape that adheres well to the skin. Thus, the bandage can remain in place for several days (3 to 5).

It must be hypoallergenic, but also and above all allow the skin to breathe to avoid perspiration and heat creating pimples or plaques on the skin which would be unsightly and bothersome.


Neuro-proprioceptive PROTape

PROTape was designed by professionals with all the qualities required to support you in your clinical care as well as in your care of athletes. The different colored tapes will be available in the coming weeks.

To facilitate your daily work with neuro-proprioceptive taping, it is recommended to use scissors designed to cut this type of bandage with a stainless steel blade. Scissors with a Teflon coating and a comfortable grip on the handles will allow you to have a precise and intuitive cut.

Good care!