MassoPro Portable Massage Chair
Chaise de massage portative MassoPro
MassoPro Portable Massage Chair
MassoPro Portable Massage Chair
MassoPro Portable Massage Chair
MassoPro Portable Massage Chair
Mutliples ajustement confort Chaise de massage MassoPro
Coussin abdominale rotatif ajustable Chaise de massage MassoPro
Coussin abdominal Chaise de Massage MassoPro


MassoPro Portable Massage Chair


The MassoPro portable massage chair from MassoKit is specially designed to meet the needs of professionals looking for a sturdy, lightweight, quick to set up, easy to transport, quiet chair... all while offering an excellent quality/price ratio.

Ideal for the elderly, for those who cannot lie down on a massage table, for home care, corporate massage, sports massage, event massages, pregnant women in late pregnancy (if uncomfortable on a standard massage table), and any type of treatment.

Move to factories, fairs, tournaments, and trade shows.

Great qualities of this chair:

  • High security
  • Comfortable
  • Flexible and comfortable vinyl
  • Very stable
  • Solid and sturdy
  • Aesthetic
  • Easy and quick adjustment mechanism (armrest, headrest, abdominal cushion, and seat)
  • Swiveling abdominal cushion for added comfort for pregnant women
  • Lightweight: 20 lbs
  • Color: Urban Gray
  • Supported weight: 200 kg (450 lbs)

Inclus : Transport bag with storage pocket.

1-year warranty Against all manufacturing defects of the metal parts of the structure.

N.B.: Please note that this product is excluded from the free shipping promotion. It is a heavy and/or oversized item. Additional fees of $29.95 will be added at checkout. 



Length: 23" (60 cm) x Width: 19" (49 cm) x Height: 43-49" (110-125 cm)

Structure : Made of high-strength steel

Cervical head structure: Made of aluminum

Standard padding: – 2" (6cm)

Wood panel thickness: 1/2" (1cm) - double the thickness of the chairs traditional.

Chair weight: 18 lbs (8.5 kg)

Dynamic weight (with movements): 450 lbs.

Variety of adjustments: Height and inclination of the cervical head, adjustment of the armrest, seat, and thoracic cushion. All providing maximum comfort.


  • Standard transport/storage bag included.

  • Great stability allowing vigorous and rhythmic treatments.

  • Easy to maintain and durable coverage.

  • Silent, safe, ergonomic, and aesthetic

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