Sel de bain thérapeutique MyoSel
Sel de bain thérapeutique MyoSel 160 g
Sel de bain thérapeutique MyoSel 1 kg
Sel de bain thérapeutique MyoSel 3,8 kg


MyoSel Therapeutic Bath Salt

MyoSel a Great Anti-Stress! Therapeutic bath salt with mud and pine. The main benefit of melting crystals in a hot water bath is to relax muscles after prolonged or excessive exercise, neutralize the effects of lactic acid accumulated during exercise and make muscles less sore. When added to warm bath water, MyoSel helps to release tension and promote complete musculo-articular relaxation. Sea salt also helps to: Relax the nervous system - effective against fatigue, nervousness and stress Fight against pain Prepare the tissue for a deep massage Recover from treatment or sports activities Exfoliate and revitalize the skin - leaves the skin smooth and soft Preserve skin balance Disinfect and decongest