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4 astuces à la rescousse des muscles endoloris!

4 tips to rescue sore muscles!

If you haven't done an exercise in a while, start by doing it slowly. Allow your muscles to adapt slowly and gradually before increasing the intensity of the activity.


1. Warm up before exercising

Don't start immediately with stretching, as many people do. But do some light aerobic activities first. For example, run gently in place for about a minute. Then stretch gently when your muscles are warmed up.


2. Exercise regularly

This helps maintain the effects of adaptation and prevent injuries.


3. Listen to your body

Pain is indeed a warning signal. If you experience any, take the time to rest and let your muscles recover.


4. OrthoMag+

Finally, if you still feel your muscles sore, theOrthoMag+ will bring you unparalleled well-being. Formulated with magnesium biglycinate, this mineral is indeed very effective in relieving muscle aches and stiffness.