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L’ADN de la marque Massokit

The DNA of the Massokit brand


The Massokit brand has been in existence for over 40 years now. The company registered at the time operated under the name "Les équipements Massokit".

She was created out of necessity because the students, now graduates, of Yves Paré who became massage therapists or orthotherapists unfortunately did not have suitable or adapted massage tables for treatments. In short, it did not exist!

Professionals of the time had to improvise and become craftsmen of their equipment. Mr. Paré gave them certain rules to follow, but very early on, he realized that some issues were arising with these rudimentary models, especially in terms of safety. Safety of the client of course, but also safety of the therapist.

The range selection. In fact, it's hard to imagine, but no store was selling massage tables and the internet didn't exist. The equipment was created according to the therapists' needs at the request of Mr. Paré.

The first massage tables, called treatment tables, since massage therapy began as a discipline in the market only from 1995 with the advent of spas in Quebec, were custom-made at the time, according to the size of the clients.

From the very first tables, they were already making a sensation as they were made of metal, very sturdy, and had an inclined surface to use the clients' body weight to stretch the paravertebral musculature after the massage under heat.

With the experience and history of therapists in the market who were developing back pain, we quickly realized that the width of the tables had a strong impact on the muscular health of professionals. So it was very early that Massokit Standardized the width of its tables to 28 inches.

This observation was confirmed again when a survey was conducted in the mid-2000s among spa and clinic owners about the decrease in the workforce's ability to serve the same number of clients per day as when they were hired.

The result was striking. The wider the massage tables, the more therapists were affected by back pain, and companies were greatly impacted by the increase in absenteeism rates and also by the rise in CNESST cases.


The evolution of processing tables In the first place, a manual adjustment of the height of the tables was made, a significant added value especially in clinics with more than one therapist, followed by an electric model and a mechanism to raise the legs, thus creating an exceptionally comfortable installation and a tool for circulatory disorders. A cervical headrest with an inclination angle ranging from very low to high according to the need was developed.

With the arrival of the Californian massage where the clients' arms were placed along the body rather than forward for the Swedish massage, retractable side armrests have been added. Retractable as they are deployed only in Californian now maintaining the 28-inch width standard for the Swedish.

Vibrators, valuable tools for therapists with interchangeable sockets, quickly took over the factory.  

The company "Equipment Massokit "was acquired by Clinique Lafontaine a few years ago and has since expanded its offerings."

The objective in selecting the product range is to meet a need with a very effective, durable, and financially accessible product.

Portable tables have made their appearance and Massokit The choice was made to import massage tables, but to reinforce, adapt, and solidify them here in Quebec.

The massage chairs have undergone the same fate, but the design, design, and quality control have followed a "made in" specification. Massokit ».

The designers behind the Massokit brand:

The team of designers includes experienced therapists who understand the needs of professionals very well as they have practiced the profession for years. They travel extensively to international conferences to immerse themselves in the best practices.

They are committed to offering interesting, innovative, and above all distinctive products. All new products are submitted to certain pre-selected therapists for their approval. Since we have a team of demanding clinicians who select the best products, we are results-oriented.

For 60 years now, Clinique Lafontaine has been providing natural health professionals in Quebec with all the care products necessary to achieve the highest standards of effectiveness.

Whether it's equipment, essential oils, anti-inflammatory rubefacients (ointments), massage oils, or anything else, we're here!

Professionally yours!