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L’ADN de la marque Bioterra

The DNA of the Bioterra brand


The Bioterra brand has been around for almost 20 years. It was initially created to provide hydrating, relaxing, and detoxifying skincare protocols for the face for massage therapists in clinics or spas.

In 2008, a spa named Bioterra Urban Health Spa was born in Drummondville and the brand has made its mark. The spa won two major tourism awards and quickly established itself as one of the top 7 spas in Quebec in 2011.

The concern brought to the product range was to achieve two goals: to have a small range of versatile skincare products that are suitable for all skin types and suitable for both men and women. The desire was to create a small range where several functions were performed by a single product.

Moreover, facial and body care protocols are easy to execute and do not require any beautician training.

Thus, massage therapists can offer a hydrating, relaxing, and detoxifying facial treatment in their service offerings and create packages with their massages.

Of course, the execution of the facial massage makes this fabulous treatment a highly appreciated experience for customers.

The selection of products from the face range 

The skincare product line contains only 5 products and allows professionals, as well as clients, to achieve excellent results at very affordable prices. Moreover, it is a product from Quebec, but with a European-type formulation.

The flagship product The Bioterra range undoubtedly includes the Revitalizing Cream, which is a real gem. This cream was formulated by a genius chemist who worked as a formulator at Dior for over 25 years. The results are fabulous!

The hyperactive moisturizing renovating cream ensures long-lasting hydration, soothes, and softens the skin. It has a powerful anti-aging action thanks to its ingredients, including retinol palmitate.

She is also an extraordinary topical support perfectly suited to the hydration needs and relief of acne-prone, eczematous, and psoriatic skin. This is thanks to the 100% pure micronized Canadian Moor natural extract, vitamin and mineral extracts, as well as the lavender it contains.

She is excellent for relieving skin inflammation after shaving and protecting baby's little bottoms from diaper rash. It is very suitable for skin prone to couperose, dehydrated, stressed, and aging effects.

The range also includes a gentle cleansing gel, an excellent exfoliant, a gel serum called Serogel, and the mud mask.

The cleansing gel Sweet aromatic is recommended for all skin types, especially those that are dehydrated, tired, fragile, and sensitive.

The cleansing gel Can be substituted for home care by the hydra-control cleansing bread (soap), composed among other things of mineral mud which is particularly recommended for dehydrated, oily, acne-prone or problematic skin.

The Moor+ Facial Exfoliating Gel Has a deep-cleansing action that gives the skin a youthful and fresh appearance. By significantly reducing enlarged pores, it improves the skin's texture and ensures a perfect satin finish, thus reducing signs of aging. It removes dead skin cells and impurities, promoting maximum absorption of the active ingredients in other skincare products.

The Serogel Contains active ingredients that act as a repairer, strengthen the skin structure, and stimulate the natural production of elastin and collagen. Facial care protocols are as versatile as they are versatile, allowing for the addition of essential oils depending on the case or the replacement of Serogel.

Customers are literally immersed in a natural olfactory and tactile experience and amazing results.

The Bioterra brand also offers body care.

She is composed of 6 specific products: 1. a body mask (cream and powder), 2. Dermo-fitness serum, 3. slimming modeling cream, 4. massage emulsion, 5. exfoliant, and 6. Micro-sprayed algae.

The focus of body care protocols is on circulatory disorders of the blood and lymphatic systems, including cellulite/cellulalgia issues, tissue firming, as well as heavy legs, swelling at the end of the day, etc.

For 60 years now, Clinique Lafontaine has been providing natural health professionals in Quebec with all the care products necessary to achieve the highest standards of effectiveness.

Professionally yours!