Gel pour massage Biotone
Biotone Massage Gel
Biotone Massage Gel
Biotone Massage Gel

Clinique Lafontaine

Biotone Massage Gel

Lightweight texture, this seed oil-based gel provides superior coverage to conventional oils, allowing for less use. Disperses in water and washes off easily. Hypoallergenic Contains no nuts, alcohol or mineral oil Paraben free Pump recommended for 1.88L and 3.78L sizes sold separately.

39541043200169///236 ml:$43.75|

39541043200169///236 ml:$43.75|39541043265705///1.88 l:$104.98|

39541043200169///236 ml:$43.75|39541043265705///1.88 l:$104.98|39541043298473///3.78 l:$149.98|

42892907872425///236 ml (pro):0|

42892907872425///236 ml (pro):0|42892907937961///1.88 l (pro):0|

42892907872425///236 ml (pro):0|42892907937961///1.88 l (pro):0|42892908036265///3.78 l (pro):0|