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Le syndrome des jambes sans repos et l'aroma massage

Restless legs syndrome and aroma massage

An inexpensive and effective technique

Recent research was published in December 2015 by Kashan University of Medical Sciences in Iran. This one speaks effects of aroma massage with essential oil on restless legs syndrome. More particularly, the oil having been used is that of Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia).

The study focuses specifically on hemodialysis patients suffering from this syndrome. Patients suffering from severe kidney problems are in fact more likely to suffer from restless legs syndrome.

The study was carried out over 3 weeks, with 2 massages per week on the control group.

Here is the technique that was used:

A well-supported and vigorous pressure with the palm of the hand and the thumb was applied, from the ankle to the knee and from the knee to the foot, but with light pressure on the return, for a period of 10 minutes . Furthermore, the massages were done one hour after the start of hemodialysis.

The authors of the study concluded that massage with lavender essential oil can be included as a complementary treatment. It is therefore an inexpensive method that is easy to integrate into care protocols.