Coussin de thermothérapie Orthocollator cervical


Cervical Orthocollator for Thermotherapy

The Orthocollator is the thermotherapy cushion essential for body care professionals.

The benefits of moist heat therapy over dry heat are well established for the relief of pain due to arthritis, myofibrosis, muscle strains and spasms.

Features :
  • Provides up to 30 minutes of deep, soothing, moist heat.
  • Specially designed to treat the cervical area.
  • Equipped with tabs to facilitate easy rotation of the Orthocollator.
  • Economical - A single heat therapy pad provides hundreds of treatments.
  • All-natural wrap containing bentonite, a natural hydrocolloid filler, wrapped in a woven cotton blend.

Pair the use with the Cervical orthocollator cover for optimal use. Size: 24″ (61cm)

WARRANTY: 6 months

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