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Ces petits détails qui font toute la différence:  Misez sur l'expérience-client!

These little details that make all the difference:Focus on the customer experience!

These little details that make all the difference: Focus on the customer experience!

You may be the best massage therapist in town, but if you can't create a positive bond with your clients, they will look elsewhere.



You can of course provide impeccable customer service by meeting the needs of your customers. But you can also mark their mind forever and make your encounters unique by focusing on the WOW effect!

If you choose the second option, you will obtain several interesting benefits: you will build customer loyalty, increase your profit margin as well as your direct referrals. However, the most important aspect is that you will stand out from your competitors!



Know that there are different ways to implement the WOW effect! Here, it is not the budget that counts, but rather creativity and the desire to dazzle your customers which are at the heart of success.



To create a WOW effect! we must first manage expectations in an effective manner. Above all, do not say that the waiting time will be short if we are late in our appointments.

Remember that you will only get grumbles if you make a promise that you are not capable of fulfilling. On the other hand, if you make the situation worse and you manage to deliver in advance, your customer will be delighted!



Have a stock of drinks on hand to offer him while he waits, you will be doubly forgiven for your little delay. Your customer will find nothing but happiness in leafing through the beautiful books that you have carefully chosen for them.

Think about books on the human body, reflexology, the benefits of essential oils, nutrition, meditation, aesthetics, etc. Keep your inventory up to date to stimulate their interest and inform them when a new title is added.

Diffuse different essential oils according to the seasons (or your mood!), explaining their virtues. Ask him what he thinks, if he likes the smell. You will create connections while promoting a holistic approach to well-being. People love new things!



Show off these little touches by informing your customers of your new additions. Communicate without embarrassment the efforts you put into satisfying them. Tell him that you have purchased a new oil heater to give him even more comfort. Then ask her what she thinks.

On the one hand, your customers will have the impression that you really care about them and on the other hand, you will be reassured in your decision to have invested in your clinic. In other words, communicate your successes and you will obtain testimonials of satisfaction. Double WOW!



Also, don't neglect the last impression. People remember this one more than the first. Implementing all these nice touches to end the session in a fishtail is not very effective.

You must finish strong and leave your customers with a memorable memory of their experience in your clinic. Thank her for her trust by reiterating your availability in case of questions or discomfort.



And why not take the opportunity to present ultra-effective products for their well-being. Many massage therapists hesitate to recommend the products they use in clinic when their clients would benefit enormously from them..

Dare to demonstrate products in your waiting room so that they can smell them, touch them, apply them. Curious people will have fun while waiting for their appointment. This will have the effect of stimulating their senses and increasing their desire to obtain the products.



The ultimate, place warm slippers on your customers' feet in the cold season for a WOW effect! assured. They will remember this nice attention and will have only one idea in mind: to come and see you again!

That said, life is made up of a series of more or less banal and repetitive actions and gestures. In a service business like yours, dare to be extraordinary. Remember why you first entered the profession and what still excites you today.



Take the time to answer these questions and you will find how you want to position yourself against your competitors?

Which clientele do you want to target? One option could be to analyze the characteristics of the type of client you prefer to receive and to do everything possible to please them..



Invest in your clinic. Refresh your space with fresh paint and inspiring lighting. Add a quality sound system for pleasant background music.

Obtain equipment aimed at the comfort of your customers such as an oil heater, a towel warmer, an orthocollator tray, an essential oil diffuser, an electric blanket, etc.


Finally, understand that a customer is never acquired. He will always consider other purchasing options, hence the importance of seducing him again every time he visits you. Keep in mind that building relationships, offering something new and extending small touches are excellent ways to build customer loyalty.


Good reflection!



Source : The WOW effect!