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Témoignage d'une massothérapeute qui utilise le programme Partagez et Gagnez

Testimonial from a massage therapist who uses the Share and Win program

Hello everyone ! My name is Josianne and I am a massage therapist. I wanted to share with you an incredible experience I recently had while helping one of my clients order online from Clinique Lafontaine.😇

As a massage therapist just starting out in practice, I decided to focus primarily on my massage services rather than selling products. However, I'm always looking for ways to improve my customers' experience and provide additional benefits.

One day, one of my clients told me about Clinique Lafontaine. He was interested in some products, but wasn't very comfortable with online shopping. He asked me if I could help him place his order, and I immediately agreed.đŸ€“

Clinique Lafontaine had set up a discount code system for healthcare professionals, which was perfect for me. I got a code that I could share with my customers, giving them an exclusive discount on their purchases. So I gave this code to my customer and explained to him how to use it when he placed his order online.

The process was incredibly simple and smooth. My client was able to browse the Clinique Lafontaine website, choose the products that interested him and add them to his basket. When he got to the checkout page, he was simply asked to enter the discount code I had provided him. The discount was automatically applied, making the experience even better for him.

Not only was my customer thrilled that he was able to order the products he wanted, but he was also grateful for my help in this process. For me, it was an incredible feeling to be able to offer this extra support to my customers. It strengthened our relationship and showed him that I truly care about his well-being, even outside of our massage sessions.

This has been a real benefit to my practice as well. By offering this online purchasing option to my clients, I stand out from other therapists and offer them added value. It also opened the door to new opportunities for me, as some of my customers shared the code with their loved ones, allowing me to reach a wider audience.

In conclusion, sharing a discount code with my clients to order online from Clinique Lafontaine has been a truly win-win experience for me, as a beginner massage therapist. This strengthened my relationship with my clients, allowed me to offer them additional benefits and helped increase my visibility. I am grateful to have had this opportunity and look forward to continuing to provide my clients with positive and rewarding experiences. đŸ„°

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