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Notre secret pour chauffer efficacement ses pierres de massage

Our secret to effectively heating your massage stones

Hot stone massage is a very popular massage since it uses the heat of the stones to diffuse it over the body in the locations where they are installed. Stones are traditionally used for relaxation, but are also used to overcome tension, aches and muscle contractures. They can be used during each treatment on the target area using the edge of the stones to drain the muscles in depth.

Despite its popularity, hot stone massage has a major drawback: its heating! In fact, many therapists use various tools such as slow cookers, cauldrons, casserole dishes and other devices requiring the use of water. However, the latter have certain disadvantages such as the difficulty in obtaining an adequate and uniform temperature, the presence of metallic noises when extracting the stones from the water and the need to wipe the stones before use.


Our secret: the towel warmer!

THE towel warmer warms more than towels. It can also be used to maintain an appropriate temperature for your eye pads, healing stones, herbal boxes and anything else that needs to be heated and applied to the skin. Just take them out of the towel warmer a few minutes before the start of the treatment and that’s it!

So you no longer need to dip your hands or unwieldy tongs into hot water to retrieve your stones, blot them dry and worry about noise. Reduced time between full-hand massage and stone application and less loss of contact with your client's skin!


Good care!