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Découvrez l'huile essentielle de citron

Discover lemon essential oil

Lemon is very rich in vitamin A, which helps with growth and tissue regeneration. Provitamin A is in the skin of the fruit.

The fruit is also well-filled with vitamin C, which is very effective for the endocrine gland.


Properties of lemon

According to French doctors using thelemon essential oilnot, it would be indicated for its effectiveness for the following cases:

  • Appetite regulation;
  • Liver failure with nausea, headache;
  • Vomiting, especially in pregnant women and in motion sickness;
  • Repetitive infections in children (ENT) Formula 66 contains Lemon essential oil, carefully dosed. A remarkable product for ear infections..

What is fascinating about this oil is that it has several interesting properties:

  • This oil is tonic, because it stimulates the defense system;
  • Lemon is also antiseptic, because it is a powerful bactericide in the case of throat, intestinal or skin infections;
  • She gives back stronger nervous system ;
  • It is also ideal for purify small wounds (include in a base cream);
  • She has a strength to solve skin problems;
  • Above all, we must not forget that she keeps insects away;
  • And that she is a powerful bile duct (empties the gallbladder).