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5 huiles essentielles maîtresses pour le soin du lymphœdème

5 master essential oils for the treatment of lymphedema

What is lymphedema?

Lymphedema is a significant circulatory disorder caused by slowed lymphatic circulation. Circulatory stagnation actually risks creating inflammation, infections and cellulite. These problems will then cause pain and discomfort in themselves.

These lymphatic blockages can occur in:

  • people suffering from obesity;
  • those who have undergone surgery;
  • people who have received radiotherapy treatment; they are also often observed in women suffering from breast cancer.

Massage therapists specializing in lymphatic drainage will therefore use targeted and specific techniques to decongest the lymphatic collectors and drain this lymph as quickly as possible before it hardens and causes circulatory blockages of another order.


Essential oils to the rescue!

Citrus essential oils do this best! Let us note the Indian verbena, THE Lemon, L'Orange, and the Mandarin and the Grapefruit who achieve remarkable results.

In addition, all citrus fruits are diuretics and therefore have a notable effect on renal elimination which is often lacking in people suffering from lymphedema.

On the other hand, citrus is photo-sensitizing so your clients cannot expose themselves to the sun for 12 hours following application otherwise brown spots on the skin may appear and be somewhat unsightly.

Citrus fruits are non-toxic, natural and very effective! Combine two or three citrus fruits in equal parts in the treatment for optimized results!

With the right techniques and the right products, the results will be there!