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4 astuces pour contrer la fatigue

4 tips to combat fatigue

When fatigue takes over

Many people feel more tired, more vulnerable, more stressed and, as a result, have poor quality sleep.

It is certain that the cold of our Quebec winters and the lack of light have an impact on our daily lives. Here are some tips for eliminating sources of stress, exhaustion and weariness.


Tips to counter fatigue

1. Give yourself a set period of time to plan your week. A good management of your time – both at home and at work will allow you to considerably reduce your sources of stress. Ask for help or delegate certain tasks if you feel the workload is too much for you..


2. Choose your foods wisely. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes and whole grains. You will really feel a difference in your energy and the clarity of your mind.


3. Move around a little! You don't have to get a gym membership. Take a short walk of 15 to 20 minutes during the day to clear your mind. Gentle gymnastics like Yoga and Tai-chi quan are also an excellent way to eliminate stress and clear your mind after a hard day.


4.  For some people, it proves beneficial to also use certain products to get a little boost:


  • Hemlock essential oil. Recognized as being a balancer of the nervous system, an antidepressant cure. Also strengthens and protects the energy system
  • Bath salt with mud and pine MyoSel. Promotes muscle relaxation, fights against aches, allows you to recover after a treatment or a sporting activity