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Boutique Clinique Lafontaine

7 reasons to choose Clinique Lafontaine for your specialized wellness products!

Through these seven reasons, you will discover how Clinique Lafontaine remains at the forefront of the industry, by offering exclusive products and equipment that evolve with scientific and technological advances. Whether you are a wellness professional or simply looking for quality solutions for your own well-being, our commitment is to support you in your quest for well-being and beauty.

1. We have been working in this field for almost 60 years. Established since 1964, Clinique Lafontaine is the largest distribution network of specialized products in Canada, formulated especially for wellness, health and beauty professionals. As the manufacturer of the majority of our products, uncompromising quality control is carried out, allowing users to benefit from high quality products at very competitive prices.

2. We have a multidisciplinary team composed of massage therapists, orthotherapists, doctors, aromatherapists, phytotherapists and other specialists who participate in the development of our products and who are dedicated to providing you with the best service. Whether for advice or to resolve a problem, we want your satisfaction and we do our best every day to meet your needs!

3. We collaborate with most professional training schools in manual therapy. We are the official supplier to more than 70% of massage therapists in Quebec, as well as spas and treatment clinics.

4. Take advantage of our powerful rewards program that allows you to accumulate and redeem points when you order. For every dollar spent, you get 1 Wellness point. So, for a total bill of $100, you accumulate 100 points. You can then exchange your accumulated Wellness points for exclusive discounts. Receive a $5 rebate for every 500 points redeemed. In addition, our Share and Win program offers you the opportunity to earn 1,000 Wellness points (equivalent to a value of $10) by sending a coupon to a friend or customer, who can use it on their first order ! For each person who places an order on our site with your code, you will in turn receive 1000 Wellness points that you can exchange for cash back.

5. We offer fast and free delivery* for all orders of $79.95 or more! In addition, our customers also have the opportunity to collect their order for free in Drummondville.

6. Take advantage of our exclusive offers and specials every month. At Clinique Lafontaine, we like to pamper our customers by offering monthly promotions on a whole range of varied products. These special offers allow you to renew your favorite products while benefiting from a discount, or to try completely new products!

7. Discover our exclusive products and equipment. Every year, we take the opportunity to present new products to you in order to better meet your expectations. We understand that your time is valuable and that you want to have high-performance products and equipment that have proven themselves.

In conclusion, Clinique Lafontaine has remained an essential pillar in the field of wellness, health and beauty for nearly 60 years. With a rich history dating back to 1964, our commitment to quality, innovation and exceptional service remains unwavering. Thanks to our passionate multidisciplinary team, our extensive distribution network and our rigorous quality control, we have been able to build the loyalty of a varied clientele.

Our innovative rewards program offers customers the opportunity to earn Wellness points for every purchase, while allowing them to benefit from exclusive discounts. In addition, our Share and Win program strengthens the bond with our customers by rewarding not only their loyalty, but also their commitment to sharing our mission with those around them.

Fast and free delivery, as well as flexibility of pickup in Drummondville, are concrete examples of our determination to make the purchasing experience as convenient as it is satisfying. Each month, our exclusive and special offers demonstrate our commitment to meeting the changing needs of our customers by offering quality products at attractive prices.

As a trusted manufacturer and supplier, we are proud to introduce exclusive products and equipment that evolve with industry advancements, providing our customers with the guarantee of exceptional performance and results.

We would like to warmly thank our valued customers for their unwavering trust throughout these years. At Clinique Lafontaine, our passion remains to support you in your quest for well-being and beauty, by offering you adapted solutions, excellent products and exemplary service. We look forward to continuing this adventure with you and contributing to your development and satisfaction.