Ensemble de ventouses PROCup Fibro
Ensemble de ventouses PROCup Fibro
Utilisation PROCup Fibro
Ensemble de ventouses PROCup Fibro


PROCup Fibro Vacuotherapy Kit

PROCup Fibro is a set of suction cups of different volumes for professional and personal use. General indications for the PROCup Fibro set: Helps to decongest tissues Improves circulation Stimulates lymphatic drainage (detoxification) Improves athletic performance and relieves sports injuries Improves digestive function Relieves cramps Helps reduce stress, fatigue and anxiety Improves sleep Visibly reduces cellulite, sculpts and tones the body Use for the face, eyes & neckline: Stimulates collagen production and elasticity Visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles Increases the effectiveness of skin care products Firms the chin, neck and décolleté Reduces scarring, excess oil and pore size Helps eliminate lymph and promote breast health Relaxes facial muscle tension. Reduces under eye bags and awakens tired eyes Helps relieve : Edema Inflammations Tissue pain Painful cellulite and stretch marks Fibromyalgia Headaches Sinus congestion Bronchial congestion For static and dynamic use The PROCup Fibre kit contains: 4 suction cups of different volumes Instructions for use


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