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Naturopathy - 3 RMPQ insurance receipts booklets

Clinique Lafontaine Inc.

Naturopathy - 3 RMPQ insurance receipts booklets


Sold in packs of 3 units for a total of 150 receipts. Each booklet contains 50 bilingual receipts.

Please enter your membership number in the "Special Ordering Instructions" box in your shopping cart in the next step.

Insurance receipts exclusive to members of the Network of Professional Massage Therapists of Quebec (RMPQ).

Free annual booklet

You want to obtain your FREE annual booklet, it's very simple:

  • Do not add the free booklet to the cart, as it will be charged.
  • In the shopping cart, at the bottom of the order, there is a box provided for this purpose called "Special order instructions".
  • Enter the type of booklet you wish to obtain including your member number (ex: Free booklet Masso 19-3004)
  • It will be added to your order.

Graduating students

Attention Message to graduating students: If you are a student who has just completed a level of training without having been validated by RMPQ, Clinique Lafontaine will not be able to provide you with receipts for this new level. It is therefore recommended to order receipts according to your authorized level.

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