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Bain de boue micronisée Myo-Réconfort 115 g
Bain de boue micronisée MyoRéconfort huile essentielle de Pin


Myo-Comforting Micronized Moor Bath


The Myo-Réconfort micronized mud bath is a product naturally rich in minerals, trace elements and humic and fulvic acids which are unparalleled regenerators and tissue preservatives!

In addition to the authentic Canadian pine essential oil it contains, this mud bath acts on health disorders such as respiratory pathologies (colds, bronchitis, flu etc.), and musculo-articular pathologies (rheumatism, gout, sciatica, osteoarthritis and muscle pain).

This product is also very appreciated for its relaxing and decongestant properties on the muscles.

To maximize the effect of the bath when you are congested, it is recommended to diffuse a few drops of Decongestion Aromaceutical Formula .

39541043691689///115 g (5 baths):$33.25|

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44095831998633///115 g (5 baths) (pro):0|44095832031401///115 g (5 baths) (pro) 12+:0|44095832064169///115 g (5 baths) (pro) 24+:0|