Germix Nettoyant desinfectant

Clinique Lafontaine

Germix Disinfectant Cleaner

Approved by Health Canada for COVID-19 D.I.N 02454459 Ecological and ready to use Germix disinfectant cleaner destroys 99.9% of germs. Useful on all non-porous surfaces, it takes only 5 seconds to disinfect and prevent all viruses and bacteria. Designed to disinfect, eliminate bad odors and remove stains such as dirt, blood, urine, excrement, etc. Germix Disinfectant Cleaner is recommended for use in massage therapy clinics, hair salons, residences, daycare centers, grocery stores, nurseries, schools, training centers, dental centers, medical centers, etc.   How to use GENERAL CLEANING: Spray from a distance of 8 inches covering the entire surface to be cleaned, leave on for 5 seconds and wipe off with a dry cloth. DISINFECTION: Remove all dirt before applying. Refer to the previous step and leave the surface wet for 5 minutes. No scrubbing is necessary. Allow surface to air dry or wipe with a dry cloth. If used on a surface that may come in contact with food, rinse surface thoroughly with water after treatment. This product cannot be used on utensils, dishes or glasses. Characteristics Odorless Safe for septic tanks Certified non-toxic for the environment Biodegradable (according to OECD test No. 301B or equivalent) Non-carcinogenic Phosphate and NTA free No dyes, no fomaldehyde 4 liter size

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