Demonstrator - MassoPro portable massage table - 60 day warranty
Demonstrator - MassoPro portable massage table - 60 day warranty
Demonstrator - MassoPro portable massage table - 60 day warranty
Demonstrator - MassoPro portable massage table - 60 day warranty


Demonstrator - MassoPro portable massage table - 60 day warranty

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Slight imperfections from one demonstrator to another. Not returnable or refundable.

Save $75!

Our MassoPro portable massage table is the ideal table for home care, sports events, or as an extra table!

It is specially designed for students and young wellness professionals.

Your target customers:

  • Stressed people
  • Amateur athletes
  • Pregnant women

Recommended usage context:

Relaxation massages to optimize relaxation treatments:

  • At your customer's home
  • Sports massages and events
  • As a double massage side table
  • For a private residence

The benefits of the portable MassoPro massage table:

  • Quality assurance check in 24 points is carried out on all our tables.
  • An aluminum structure that helps prevent unpleasant creaking noises and promotes stability during use.
  • Under the table, aluminum stabilizing rods allow for a more aligned and stable table opening, as well as reducing its movements during use.
  • The armrest is made of steel and attached to the front of the table structure, making it stronger, more durable, and safer. This also allows for a longer lifespan compared to the headrest structure.
  • The armrest is also removable to allow for getting closer to the client and increasing the therapist's comfort during a head massage or seated massage.
  • The table top wood is doubled (1/2'') to increase its durability and strength.
  • The table has a reduced width of 23.5". This width helps to protect the therapist's back by being closer to the client and reducing the need for trunk twisting.
  • A superior 3’’ padding for increased customer comfort.
  • The CIRCU (mechanism allowing to lift the bottom panel of the table) offers several adjustment levels to fit all.
  • Transport bag with reinforced corners and handle included.

Garantie: 60 days on the metal structure. Non-transferable warranty.

N.B.: Please note that this product is excluded from the free shipping promotion. It is a heavy and/or oversized item. Additional fees of $44.95 will be added at checkout.



Structure : Made of aluminum with reinforcement bars

Panneaux : Wood thickness ½" (1 cm)

Largeur : 23.5" (60 cm)

Width with side armrests: 32.5" (83 cm)

Length 73" (185 cm)

Length with headrest 84" (213 cm)

Adjustable height:
Snap buttons on spring on each tab (which
ensure us through a sound of anchoring at each
(maneuver). It is important to adjust all
legs at the same level to ensure good
stability, security, and durability of the table.
25" (64 cm) to 33" (85 cm)

Weight of the table: 42 lb (19 kg)

Static resistance (without movement): 1750 lb (800 kg)

Dynamic resistance (with movements): 450 lb (204 kg)

Padding: 3" (7 cm) of high-density anti-mold foam

Revêtement : Urban Gray Leather

Garantie : 1 year on the metal structure. Non-transferable warranty.


This table includes:

  • Adjustable and retractable headrest
    Structure of the cervical head in highly resistant nylon with aluminum rods - strong and durable.
  • Headrest cushion

  • Removable standard armrest
    Steel structure attached to the table and NOT behind the headrest - therefore more solid and durable.

  • Abdo-Confort
    Removable parts on the top panel allowing to massage pregnant women, people recently operated on the abdomen, and people with a prominent abdomen.

    Mechanism allowing to lift the lower panel of the table when the client is lying on their back (excellent for circulatory problems, heavy legs, pregnant women, lower back pain, etc.). The CIRCU also allows to transform the massage table into a resting chair.

  • Transport bag

  • Double handles for transportation 

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