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Bain de boue micronisée Détente 115 gr
Relaxation Micronized Moor Bath


Relaxation Micronized Moor Bath

The feeling of well-being that you get from a Relaxing Lavender Micronized Mud Bath is a unique experience. What's more, the active ingredients in the bath help to clean the metabolic pathways and improve waste elimination, cell oxygenation and nerve function. During this rest period, your sympathetic nervous system works its recovery magic, slows your heart rate, regulates digestion and helps your body function simply and efficiently. Rich in humic acids that stimulate endorphins, it helps to improve the quality of sleep. Contains lavender essential oil (lavandula angustifolia) used for its calming properties in the case of palpitations, insomnia, anxiety, melancholy, neurasthenia, irritability, spasms, nervousness and agitation. To maximize the effect of the bath, diffuse a few drops of Relaxation Aromaceutical Formula.

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44095831900329///115 g (5 baths) (pro):0|44095831933097///115 g (5 baths) (pro) 12+:0|44095831965865///115 g (5 baths) (pro) 24+:0|