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Votre clinique va grandir… Comment embaucher la bonne personne simplement ?

Your clinic will grow... How can you simply hire the right person?

This quick guide will help you organize a quick hiring strategy.

For some therapists, the idea of ​​expanding the team is a source of stress and that is normal. Having another person in your clinic who must put your shoulder to the wheel and work hard in the same direction is not always an easy task. Nevertheless, the advantages can be very interesting, in particular to offer more schedule availability to your customers as well as additional services when you are on vacation, for example.

The good news is that there are a thousand and one theories about hiring. The challenge is that they may not necessarily apply to your situation. In other words, some things are important to you and others less so. The idea is to highlight the essentials and ensure that the interview will identify them. Be aware that even if a candidate does very well in their interview with you, that does not necessarily mean that it will go well for the months to come.

If you have never created a job offer, I invite you to go to the section job offers from the Academy of Scientific Massage website to give you an idea of ​​the offers available and how they are structured. Afterwards, you can create and publish a clear job offer that describes what you will offer as an employer. To make your offer more attractive, you can identify what you are offering in terms of salary or conditions to help you stand out from other employers.

Once the job is posted, you can realistically expect to be interviewing within the next 1-4 weeks depending on the appeal of your job. If this is not already completed, you will be able to create a series of questions for the interview with open questions whose expected answers are not included in the question. For example, it is preferable to ask the person to give you an example that demonstrates the person's punctuality or an example where the person was not punctual and what they did afterwards so that only it happens. You should avoid asking the person directly if they are punctual since they will naturally tell you that they are, whereas realistically, there may be contexts where they have not been. This method invites discussion and avoids closed questions like, are you a punctual person? ?

A mistake often made by employers is to indicate with body language whether the person responded correctly or not. For example, if the person says that he or she was not punctual with justified reasons and the employer sighs saying that no reason is justifiable, this will create a chill and indicate to the person that he is difficult to tell the truth. Several personalities will say what the employer wants to hear knowing that it is better for everyone rather than being faithful to the truth. To avoid this faux pas, you can simply thank the person for answering honestly. Although the conversation is friendly and relaxed, it is wise for you to be able to validate the knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills of your future therapist.

You can also offer a test week or even a few paid days. This will help you see if the candidate is adaptable, continues to learn and is resourceful. The interview is not only to complete a task, but also to check that there is chemistry between you and that your clients feel comfortable with this new staff member. It is important that you feel proud to recommend this colleague to your clients too. Another significant element is hiring as an employee or adding to the team as a fall worker. For this element, it is best to inform yourself further since there are legal ramifications depending on the choice selected.

Finally, know that a relationship with a colleague is always ongoing and that managing expectations must also be constantly taken into consideration.

Bonuses : Although it may seem counterintuitive, if you are alone in your clinic, we invite you to contact another person you trust during this interview. She will only be able to ask questions if necessary. This simple method will allow you to have an objective second opinion and also to see elements that you would not have seen since you are focused on asking questions and waiting for answers which are sometimes technical. If it's a green light for both of you, that's a good indicator. If, on the other hand, there are elements that raise questions or stand out, feel comfortable confirming by telephone after the interview or even calling a second meeting if necessary to go into further detail.


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