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Pourquoi choisir un gel de massage?

Why choose a massage gel?

You are due to repurchase your massage oils, you are used to always buying the same massage oils simply because that is what you use every day. But, have you thought about trying massage gel?

Massage gel has been gaining popularity in recent years and for good reason! Economical, easy to use and clean, it has become a must-have for many professionals.


An ideal solution for therapeutic massages

The massage gel is intended to be an ideal product for therapies that require increased pressure and better control of movements. Indeed, its less slippery texture is ideal for treating the desired areas in depth more easily. Additionally, this increased control also creates more effective heat and friction to relax tighter muscles more effectively.


A hydrating solution

As the massage gel is not composed solely of oil, it takes longer to penetrate the skin, which means that its moisturizing and nourishing action is increased. In fact, by using a massage gel, the friction necessary to fully penetrate the product lasts longer, which allows better absorption of moisturizing elements by the epidermis. And as its finish is silky and non-greasy, the person who has just received a massage will not feel the need to take a shower quickly for fear of dirtying their laundry, which once again increases the hydration potential.


A gentle product for your sheets and tools

The non-greasy and silky texture of the massage gel makes it easier to clean your sheets, tables and other textiles and massage tools. Indeed, its composition is not made solely of oil, it is less heavy and less penetrating, which greatly facilitates its cleaning on all surfaces. Of course, a degreasing cleaner is still highly recommended for deep cleaning, but we can bet that your sheets and towels will last longer!


An economical solution

A massage gel is also an interesting solution from a budgetary point of view. In fact, a small quantity allows you to cover a large surface area thanks to its superior gliding power. In addition, as it takes longer to penetrate the epidermis, its duration of use during a massage is increased before having to reapply. This means your bottle of massage gel will last longer than a bottle of massage oil of the same size.


Our TerraGel

Discover our signature massage gel, TerraGel. A 100% Quebec product, it also has an above-average lifespan (up to 3 years) and exceptional gliding power!

Available in two versions:

TerraGel 100% pur


100% pure TerraGel

Perfect for sensitive skin or to incorporate your own blend of essential oils during your treatments.



TerraGel avec huiles essentielles


 TerraGel with essential oils

Added with essential oils of Indian verbena and orange, it promotes blood circulation and tissue rejuvenation in addition to offering antiseptic, purifying and balancing power.