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La rentabilité d'une chaise de massage

The profitability of a massage chair

The extraordinary profitability of a massage chair in the practice of massage therapy.

The use of a massage chair is diverse. It is a wonderful tool that brings a certain flexibility to our practice. In the clinic, it is super practical to have a plan B in certain situations:

  1. For people in pain crisis who cannot get on a massage table, using the massage chair at the start of the treatment helps to calm the pain and provide a certain flexibility and mobility, enough to complete the treatment on the table and have the expected success for this first treatment. The same scenario of acute pain also occurs sometimes at the end of the treatment, when the client gets up.

  2. For a quick break from neuro-proprioceptive taping which does not require complete care, using the chair saves us time and provides the ideal position for a successful break.

  3. For specific events: ex. golf tournaments, sports competitions, massage in shopping centers during the holiday season, residences for the elderly, private events, etc.

  4. Corporate chair massage is in high demand by employers, for example to highlight a period of intense work by employees. Some companies give their employees massages during rotating working hours every month to relax them and counteract stress.

The massage chair is also ideal for the elderly, for home care, for pregnant women, and for any type of treatment.











    A truly profitable tool : Chair massage appeared in the early 2000s with universal pricing of $1 per minute. Today she is generally around $2 per minute and is offered as a package.

    Here are some examples of packages:

    • 10 minutes of neck, shoulder and upper back massage for $20.
    • 20 minutes of neck, shoulders, arms, back and legs massage for $40.
    • 30 minutes of massage of the neck, head, shoulders, arms and hands, back and legs and feet for $60.

    In corporate chair massage, it is often the same hourly rate that you get for a one-hour treatment in a clinic, plus your expenses if the company pays.

    For less than $250, a sturdy metal chair will pay for itself after a little over 2 hours of massage! There is nothing more profitable!