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Le point sur l'exfoliation

The point about exfoliation

Let's tell each other the real things. Exfoliation is often an overlooked step in cleansing. This is why when you treat yourself to a spa and use exfoliating treatments, you feel light and clean, as if you had been 10 years younger.

This feeling of lightness is surely not unrelated to the fact that the body sheds around 500 billion dead cells, from its upper layer of skin, daily. You read correctly: 500 BILLION DEAD CELLS PER DAY! Indeed, that makes them cells!

But what happens to our skin if we neglect to get rid of these unwanted cells? Know that over time, the accumulation of dead cells produces a thick layer that traps moisture and makes the skin dull and flaky. . Oh no!!

Fortunately, a little discipline can take care of dull skin. Regular exfoliation helps the body get rid of dead cells and reveals a new layer of pinker skin.

In addition to ridding the skin of dead cells, exfoliation also helps stimulate blood circulation throughout the body. It also helps loosen ingrown hairs and get rid of dirt and oil. What benefits!

Interestingly, as we age, it takes longer for dead cells to reach the surface of the epidermis and be eliminated. Exfoliation therefore becomes a ritual whose importance increases with age.


Exfoliation and pollution?

Now that the importance of properly exfoliating the skin has been clearly demonstrated, what about the choice of exfoliant? You should know that it is thanks to the abrasive action of the microbeads contained in the exfoliant that it achieves to purify the skin, free it from blackheads and dead skin, as well as remove excess oil..

However, not all microbeads used in cosmetics are equal in terms of quality. Pointed out as being an environmental scourge, plastic microbeads are really no longer popular.

The fact is that you can find up to 2.8 million plastic microbeads in a 150 ml bottle of skin exfoliant. To go further, there are an average of 8,000 billion of them found nesting daily in lakes, rivers and oceans.

Needless to say, by using them to clean itself, it contaminates waterways and constitutes a real danger for aquatic species. Real paradox isn't it So what to doe?


Choosing your exfoliant

Concern for the environment has been at the top of Bioterra's values ​​for a long time. This is why plastic microbeads have never had their place in the range of exfoliants.

Since all the answers are found in nature, Bioterra chemists turned to nature to find an abrasive compound to include in their exfoliants.

For his Moor+ Exfoliating Facial Gel All-natural jojoba beads were used. Called jojoba esthers, these microbeads have notable advantages over plastic microbeads. Firstly, they are biodegradable and do not harm marine wildlife. Secondly, cosmetically, they have the advantage of having a smooth edge. This means that their use does not cause microscopic tears in our beautiful, fresh skin.

About the Moor+ Body Exfoliating Cream, these are powdered walnut nut shells that have been retained in the manufacturing process. Why These shells which act as microbeads have a less smooth rim than jojoba esthers. This has the advantage of increasing the effectiveness of the abrasion on areas of the body that are more hardened, particularly due to the constant friction of clothing and shoes..

Furthermore, black walnut also has tonic, nourishing and softening properties for the skin. In short, this microbead from nature provides a great combination of benefits during body exfoliation.


Eflook good assured

So this is it! To each their own exfoliant! Just remember that including an exfoliating treatment in your routine will create a guaranteed healthy glow. If only to get rid of these 500 billion dead cells. It's worth a couple of minutes, right??