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Le foie, un organe multifonctions

The liver, a multifunctional organ

Ovoid in shape, it is located under the diaphragm. The liver as well as the gallbladder provide a certain number of essential functions of the body. Due to the importance of this organ, diseases that affect it are often worrying.

One of the main functions of the liver and gallbladder relates to digestion and the production of digestive enzymes which are discharged into the small intestine. However, the liver performs several important functions such as:
  • control food metabolism;
  • work with the body's immune system to fight harmful cells and substances that threaten the body (through a phenomenon called phagocytosis););
  • help the body digest fats by secreting bile which flows into the duodenum;
  • help synthesize urea in order to excrete nitrogenous waste;
  • produce fibrinogen used in the blood clotting process;
  • store glycogen;
  • intervene in the metabolism and storage of vitamins and produce, among other things, protective and anti-toxic substances.

It is he who will in fact capture, transform and render harmless the toxic substances to which we may be exposed by eating, drinking or breathing.


The bile-producing vesicle

The gallbladder serves to concentrate and store bile, which is produced in a diluted form by the liver, and to secrete this bile into the cystic ducts to discharge it into the duodenum, where its function will be to aid digestion.

Bile is composed of cholesterol, bile salts and bile pigments.

Crystallization of bile salts in the gallbladder can lead to the development of gallstones, which often requires surgical intervention.


Multiple conditions

There are many conditions that can harm the proper functioning of the liver. They can be due to exposure to toxic substances (such as alcohol), viruses (such as Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B viruses), genetic abnormalities, metabolic disorders, cancerous diseases.…


These liver diseases can manifest themselves with different symptoms. For example :

  • Fatigability;
  • Kidney problems;
  • Sexual disorders;
  • Jaundice, increased abdominal volume, edema, etc.

Reference: Dr Vital


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