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Les bienfaits de la caféine sur la peau

The benefits of caffeine on the skin

Did you know that the favorite drink of many of us to start our day off right also has beneficial effects on our body? In fact, in recent years, a new ingredient has carved out a place of choice in cosmetic products for the skin: caffeine! Discover some of the many benefits of coffee on the epidermis..

A skin care agent not to be underestimated

Caffeine not only helps soothe dry or irritated skin with its calming and anti-inflammatory properties, but is also an effective antioxidant agent to slow down skin aging. In addition, its keratolytic properties promote the elimination of dead skin cells to improve its appearance.

Renewed energy

Caffeine is also a powerful energizer for the body. Indeed, by activating blood circulation, it eliminates the feeling of heavy legs and stimulates the epidermis to restore radiance and a feeling of lightness and youth to the skin.

An effective anti-cellulite

Caffeine is also a formidable ally in the fight against cellulite and its inconveniences. In fact, a good circular massage with a cream, scrub or gel containing this star ingredient effectively reactivates blood circulation to help burn fat and drain the area where it is applied in order to dislodge cellulite and firm the skin. body.


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