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Les odeurs...un monde riche en émotions

Smells...a world rich in emotions

Aaahhhh The smells! I don't know about you, but as soon as I set foot in a spa or an essential oil store, I immediately feel overwhelmed with a feeling of tranquility and happiness..

It smells good! Ah these delicious smells that energize or relax me. Ah these wonderful smells that make me feel good and that transport me to distant lands. Ah the sweet smell of my lover.ux.

You surely agree that pleasant smells enrich our daily lives. They provide moments of surprise, comfort us, excite us, make us suddenly melancholy.


The power of smells

Smells have immense power over us. They appear and we are somewhere else. Without warning, they instantly plunge us back into our past. They stick to our memories, making us relive intense and distant emotions.

Not for nothing that Marcel Proust's famous passage des madeleines has become so famous! The smells fascinate.

Known as the most primitive of our five senses, smell is the quickest sensory route to our emotions.

The reason for this particularity lies in the fact that the information captured by our other four senses is relayed by different areas of the body. They must then retransmit, using the nerves, the information to the brain.

In this type of relay, information is, as it were, sorted on its way to reaching the brain.


Smell, a direct link to emotions

In the case of smell, the analysis of odors is done more spontaneously.

In fact, the information generated by odors is automatically relayed in the amygdala, a region of the brain dedicated to emotions. This is why emotions and smells are so connected. They are on a direct line, non-stop!

That said, coming back to the reminiscence of memories, science affirms that their production is largely favored in the presence of a powerful olfactory stimulus.

Furthermore, brain imaging techniques have proven that the two emotional regions of the brain, namely the amygdala and the hippocampus, are strongly activated in the presence of a known odor.


The limbic system

Not surprising, considering that these two brain regions are part of a set of brain structures called the limbic system.

The latter being involved in the context of emotions, learning and memory, we can now understand that memories and memory are intimately linked.

So why not take advantage of it to create memorable memories for your customers??

We created the new limbic experiences specifically so that you can enhance the experience of your customers.

She will be filled with happiness as soon as she walks through the door of your clinic (broadcast). Then, if you want to immerse your customers in a powerful and distinctive olfactory universe. Simply add the fragrances to your massage oil or wraps!


Develop your personal olfactory signature!

In addition, limbic experiences will allow you to offer packages according to seasons and occasions such as Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, etc.

Not to mention that the fragrances contained in the limbic experiences box combine to produce your personal olfactory signature.

Dare to build loyalty among your customers by connecting directly to their emotions!

By tinting your treatments with distinctive scents according to the desired circumstances, you will provoke positive emotions in your customers. In addition, you will promote the memories of tranquility associated with the provision of care.

To learn more about the limbic experiences.