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Literie à usage unique:  Réduisez la lessive et optimisez l'hygiène!

Single-use bedding:Reduce laundry and optimize hygiene!

In massage therapy, disposable bedding is available in flat sheets, fitted sheets And disposable headrest protectors. Depending on your needs, the protections can all be purchased separately.

Use disposable bedding for impeccable hygiene

In high season, flu or during the period of personal care, the use of disposable products for bedding guarantees cleanliness and avoids the spread of harmful substances such as microbes, from one customer to another.

Single-use bedding has benefits for both the therapist and the client. The protections allow therapists to reduce the handling of bedding, such as washing and drying, since everything is thrown into the trash. And being 100% recyclable, this will appeal to eco-responsible people. It also avoids disinfection costs.

Ideal for mud or seaweed body wraps, these items are gentle on your reusable bedding. So here's another long-term cost reduction.

Perfect for covering sports training and home care, no bedding to bring back to the clinic, no washing to do either. Practical, everything is installed easily and quickly.


Disposable non-woven bedding, a material with multiple advantages

Disposable bedding products are mainly offered in non-woven fabric, a synthetic material resulting from new technologies.

It provides a pleasant sensation to the touch, close to that of cotton, and prevents irritation, even for customers with the most sensitive skin. Comfortable and tear-resistant, this material allows the skin to breathe.

Due to its many advantages, non-woven is present in the field of massage therapy, but also in the medical field.


Disposable fitted sheets and disposable non-woven paper rolls, to put on the massage or treatment table

These products attach easily to your table and provide softness when in contact with the skin.