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Périostite tibiale en course à pied:  5 conseils pour l'éviter

Shin shin splints when running:5 tips to avoid it

Shin periostitis is a common problem for runners. Painful, it occurs especially when resuming sports training or when practicing a new activity.


What is the periosteum??

The periosteum is a set of layers on the periphery of long bones and flat bones outside the articular surfaces and which ensure growth in thickness.


Shin periostitis?

Shin periostitis is therefore defined as an inflammation affecting the periosteum of the tibia.

Very annoying for those who suffer from it, its recovery can take place over a period of two weeks to several years.

That said, it is better to try to prevent shin splints than to try to cure it.

So if you run or are considering running, read these 5 tips to avoid shin splints!


1. Correct your running technique:

  • Lift your toes
  • Adopt a stride with a forefoot support grip
  • Avoid impact on the heels


2. Start your training slowly, take rest and skip days to recover:

  • Start each new workout program slowly.
  • Only increase the distance or duration of your running sessions by a maximum of 10% per week.
  • Make sure you get plenty of rest and include recovery days in your training schedule.


3. Train in another sport and do stretching to vary your sessions:

  • You can reduce the stress you put on your legs by diversifying your workout types. This will help strengthen other muscles that are used indirectly by running.
  • Stretching and applying liquid magnesium such as ProMag+ on your muscles are also good ways to avoid injuries since they prepare the muscles for exercise.


4. Use massage therapy:

  • Apply ice, massage your calves and feet.
  • See a massage therapist: Massage has been proven to prevent swelling and reduce pain in athletes.


5. Wear running shoes with adequate support:

  • Buy a running shoe that supports your shin and foot and make sure your heel can't move while running.
  • Don't wait until your shoes are too worn to change them, as they will no longer protect you well.


Good race!