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Travailleur autonome:  Votre passeport pour des vacances réussies!

Self-employed:Your passport to a successful vacation!

Roll on self-employment!

The latest data from sub-sectoral analysis of the workforce in the massage therapy sector confirm the preponderance of massage therapists who work for themselves. In fact, more than 80% of them are self-employed.

Although this way of working has several advantages, it can sometimes be difficult for massage therapists to take a well-deserved break!


Give yourself the right to a vacation

It is true that having to refuse a customer can worry more than one person. Will my client go get a massage elsewhere and leave me permanently Do I have the working capital to allow me to lose a week's salary What if I miss the dream opportunity while I'm awayce?

All of these questions can resurface and cause unnecessary guilt and stress.

Taking vacation time should be a priority for massage therapists. Since it is a physical profession, a time of rest will allow the body to replenish its energy and ensure the sustainability of the quality of care.

A massage therapist at the end of his tether is no good for a clientele looking to combat stress and pain!


Holidays Yes! But you have to preparer

However, good preparation is essential to go on vacation with a rested head and a well-stocked wallet.


The duration

First, try to limit the length of your vacation to one week. When your clientele is well established, two weeks of appointment postponements is more difficult to manage.

If, despite everything, you want to take two weeks together, take your leave during consensual holidays such as those in construction. Your customer will know it's construction because they'll hear about it in the media. He will simply wait for them to finish before returning to see you.


The context

On the other hand, be on the lookout for the particularities of your region in terms of tourism. It can be very advantageous to take advantage of the tourist windfall. Especially if the festivities are related to your field of activity. For example, a group of yoga enthusiasts in your municipality can certainly bring you a flood of clients in search of nirvana!


Vacation pay

When it comes to vacation jackpot, why not do what companies do and set aside 4% of your gross earnings each week. This will ensure you have a consistent income during your vacation..

You are now mentally and financially ready to take a vacation. Set dates and stick to them. At this point, there is no question of changing your mind because the weather forecast is calling for bad weather. Now we just have to wait for the moment we've been hoping for…


The announcement

Oops not quite yet! You must first announce the good news to your customers. The more in advance the time of your vacation is determined, the easier this step will be to manage.

Now is the time to juggle your schedule. Make sure you clearly communicate your vacation dates to all your customers. Email them and chat with them about their needs. Immediately offer them a meeting upon your return and, if necessary, just before your vacation.


The resource person

Also consider referring your clients to one of your massage therapist friends in case of emergency. This way, they won't feel totally abandoned in times of need.


Plan the return: accounting and product inventory

But be careful, remember not to make an appointment first thing when you return to work. You will have enough with managing your voicemail and emails.

On the administrative side, going on vacation with a rested head is priceless. Be sure to update your accounts and make all your return calls before picking up. Ahpick up yes I want it.x.

Not immediately!

Take your product inventories and place your orders before you leave. Nothing is more stressful than coming back from vacation and having to run quickly, quickly, after essential supplies!

One thing is certain, prepare to work extra hard when you return from vacation since your customers will have missed your magical hands. They will all want to see you again immediately!

But it is so worth it, because you will shine brightly because you will be so rested and totally zen to return to your practice with joy and enthusiasm.


The long-awaited rest

Oh wow! Don't look for me, I will be on vacation from July 21 to August 5. GOOD HOLIDAYS !!!