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Fini les casse-têtes lors de l'achat d'une table de massage professionnelle

No more headaches when purchasing a professional massage table

Here is our new way to identify our massage tables. The massage table is available in 3 main categories, starting with who it is aimed at and then helping the member in their purchasing process depending on the clientele they wish to treat. Next comes the context in which the table will be used professionally. See the example below.s.

Comfort-Table treatment table

This table is in fact specific to therapists wishing to protect their back daily during their career and improve their client's experience. It is therefore effortless and comfortable for the professional and the client. It is designed for professionals with experience in biomechanical health (massophysiotherapist, orthotherapist, osteopath, physiotherapist, etc.).

Your target customers:

  1. Elderly people, semi-autonomous people, reduced mobility, overweight people, clients with acute pain, degenerative and/or chronic limiting illnesses, postural disorders, etc.
  2. Semi-professional and professional athletes, families, physical and office workers, people suffering from physical inactivity, asthmatics, heart patients, people with health difficulties, work accidents.
  3. Stressed people, amateur athletes, pregnant women.

Context :

The customer can sit on the table. The height and inclination of these are adjustable. In complete safety, the treatment therefore allows it to be adapted to the needs of the target clientele.
Adapted relaxation massages and biomechanical therapeutic treatments optimized for relaxation and massage treatments:

  • at your home
  • private clinic
  • sports center
  • multidisciplinary center
  • in a spa
  • etc.

For more technical information on this table, consult its product sheet!