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Taping neuro-proprioceptif:  Comment choisir le bon bandage?

Neuro-proprioceptive taping:How to choose the right taping?

There are a multitude of companies that manufacture elastic bands for neuro-proprioceptive taping.

Thus, we find complete rolls and pre-cut strips of different formats on the market.

But how to choose Here are our tips!!


Basic features to look for

The care professional must use a tape that:

  • Let the skin breathe

Since the application of the tape must remain on the skin for several days, it is important that the epidermis remains oxygenated so as not to create discomfort.

  • East  non-allergenic

To do this, the glue must not contain latex and the tape must be composed of a large majority of cotton fibers.

NB: There is no 100% non-allergenic or non-reactogenic bandage. The non-allergenic label means that the product is not composed of substances known to be allergenic (for example, latex). However, as each skin is unique, it cannot be said that the glue or fibers used will not cause a skin reaction.e.

  • Waterproof

Clients must be able to maintain their daily hygiene routine without restraint during the few days during which the strips are applied.

  • Presents a degree of elasticity greater than 150%

This criterion is essential to achieve all the desired effects. Less elasticity will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

  • Offer good adhesion

The ideal duration of your tape should be a minimum of 3 days, but ideally 5 days for optimal effectiveness.


And the colors ?

In order to be profitable, manage a minimum of merchandise in reserve and please customers' tastes, it is suggested to use 4 colors.

In most applications, two different colors are used, although only one color could also be used per segment.

Of course, this is about aesthetics! But since your client will be wearing the bandage for a few days, why not make it attractive and to their liking??


The importance of a quality scissor

Whether you prefer pre-cut strips or a roll of tape, you'll need a suitable pair of scissors.

So, invest in a pair of scissors with Teflon-coated stainless steel blades. This allows for excellent cuts, without accumulation of glue residue on the surface, and without fraying the strips.

When the care professional is well equipped and equipped, the work is of better quality and it takes less time to obtain the desired effects.



OUR PROTape neuro-proprioceptive bandage® was designed by professionals with all the qualities listed above to support you in your clinical care as well as in your care for athletes. It is available in rolls of 5 meters and in four different colors: black, beige, red and blue.


Happy tapping!