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La massothérapie, une alliée de taille pour un esprit et un corps sains

Massage therapy, a great ally for a healthy mind and body

Article taken from Journal l'Express

February 14, 2021


By Cynthia Martel


MAGAZINE. New year often rhymes with the desire to return to basics, the need to find oneself. And the pandemic has highlighted this whole importance of taking care of yourself. To maintain a good balance, massages are ideal.

The best known is undoubtedly the Swedish massage, which is practiced on a table, with oil, and which aims to deeply relax the muscles.

«Its different maneuvers, such as effleurage, crushing, kneading and drainage, are carried out in a given sequence and provide relaxation and relief, indicates Geneviève Poirier, director of operations at Bioterra urban health spa..

A good Swedish massage technique acts as much on the psychological and emotional aspects as on the physical aspect.

According to the Academy of Scientific Massage (AMS) located on Janelle Street in Drummondville, this technique first acts on the circulatory system by increasing the immune system as well as promoting the elimination of toxins.

A good Swedish abdominal massage regulates the appetite, promotes the assimilation of nutrients, reduces intestinal transit time as well as constipation. It also promotes liver activity.

What's more, respiratory capacities are also improved, again according to the AMS.

On the nervous system side, several benefits are observed, namely a reduction in cortisol levels, a reduction in numbness and radiated pain as well as a reduction in fatigue.

This type of massage also leads to an increase in the pain tolerance threshold.

Overall, Swedish massage gives the user greater flexibility and releases tension.

The Academy also indicates that the technique conceptualized in the 19th century by Swedish fencing master Henrik Ling improves sensorimotor coordination, by stimulating weak or flabby muscles. This increases joint mobility while reducing spasms. It also helps recover more quickly from an injury (strain, fracture) by increasing the supply of nutrients to the affected area.».

Massage also has a positive effect on the skin.

As for the psychological benefits, resistance to anxiety and stress increases. In addition, Swedish massage stimulates the energy trapped in the body and frees it from negative emotions.


Other techniques

Several variations and techniques have appeared since the creation of Swedish massage. Here are a few.

Massages with heat tools (stones, shells and bundles of grass) : according to Ms. Poirier, they offer great muscle relaxation, activation of blood circulation and a reduction in pain. In addition, these are very relaxing massages.

Therapeutic massage: it is a mixture of Swedish massage and more in-depth techniques to relieve tension and pain.

Lomi-Lomi massage : inspired by Hawaiian tradition, it has relaxing or revitalizing effects, depending on the rhythm and intensity of the movements. It is administered with the hands, fists and especially the forearms. In Hawaiian, Lomi-Lomi means massage.

Himalayan massage with salt balls: composed of 84 minerals and nutrients naturally contained in the body, Himalayan salt will remineralize the joints. By osmosis during the massage, these nutrients penetrate the body and activate its natural healing mechanism so that it can regain its balance, indicates Geneviève Poirier.r.

In short, massage is the best ally for your body and mind due to its multiple benefits. And the more regularly one receives a massage, the more its benefits tend to be maintained, deepened and prolonged, argues Ms. Poirier.