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Comment profiter de l'engouement de la Saint-Valentin

How to take advantage of the Valentine's Day craze

Valentine's Day, the ultimate celebration for couples, is a must for all economic circles to boost sales a little during this slow period at the start of the year. So, discover our tips to take advantage of the love festival to promote your care and products!


Create a thematic atmosphere

From the moment you enter your treatment center, offer a thematic and warm atmosphere throughout the month of Valentine's Day. To do this, you could decorate a little, burn rose-flavored candles or place a bouquet of flowers on your counter or in the waiting room. Additionally, you could choose to put on some relaxing background music with piano or violin to round it off.


Offer an exclusive treatment

Why not take advantage of Valentine's Day to offer an exclusive, limited-time treatment? For example, you could offer a chocolate-scented treatment throughout the month of February. This scent so characteristic of Valentine's Day will certainly please many of your customers!!

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Offer a limited-time promotion

Limited-time promotions are always a great option to take advantage of during holidays and special events. So why not offer an exclusive promotion in February such as free additional minutes or a fine chocolate tasting at the end of the treatment. These little touches could be the little incentive needed to purchase treatment for your partner!


Consider selling gift certificates

Obviously, you shouldn't neglect the sale of gift certificates during Valentine's Day! It's an easy and pleasant gift to give, in addition to being an appreciated attention in a couple. And why not accompany the sale of the gift certificate with a small chocolate or a small product sample for added value ?

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And why not a competition? ?

Finally, you could also create a contest for Valentine's Day. For example, you could offer a free 30-minute massage or a product among all the people who buy your exclusive treatment or a gift certificate between 1er February and February 14. In fact, the competition could encourage more people to be tempted by purchasing a treatment or a gift certificate!


Finally, whatever you offer for Valentine's Day, don't hesitate to be a little creative and promote your treatments and products!