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Comment nettoyer du stylo sur du cuir (sur une table de massage ou autres)?

How to clean pen on leather (on a massage table or other)?

Oops! From the pen on your massage table Here's how to clean the marks::

Procedure :

  1. Alcohol at 70 – Dab the pen stain using a cotton ball moistened with alcohol. As soon as the ink dilutes, change cotton and repeat this until the stain has completely disappeared. If the leather cannot tolerate pure alcohol, dilute it accordingly.
  2. White vinegar or lemon – To remove a ballpoint or bic pen stain, lemon or white vinegar can work, provided you use a cotton swab, do not soak it, but just moisten it and do not overflow onto the untreated area. stained leather.
  3. The clay stone – Dab the pen line with a cotton ball impregnated with clay stone. If the stain resists, add a drop of 70% alcohol to the cotton.

Do not spray hairspray on pen-stained leather. Unlike removing ink, cleaning with hairspray is not recommended for removing pen marks. By spraying it, you risk just spreading the stain.