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Comment choisir son huile à massage:  Nos trucs!

How to choose your massage oil:our tips!

There is a most impressive selection of massage oils of all types available in stores, pharmacies, online stores and other businesses. It can therefore sometimes be difficult to determine which oil to buy according to your needs.

Here are some tips to help you in your choices.


The composition

Prioritize oils of 100% plant origin and without artificial fragrance. This will minimize the risk of allergic or skin reactions. Additionally, avoid oils that contain coloring. These could stain clothes and skin in addition to sheets or towels.


The smell

The smell of your massage oils must be pleasant and light to promote the comfort of the client and the massage therapist during treatments. To flavor massage oils, authentic essential oils are ideal! So, if you buy an oil that is already scented, make sure that it is made from quality essential oils and that there is no artificial fragrance in it. You can also buy a virgin oil, into which you can add a few drops of essential oils of your choice during treatments.s.

And remember, each essential oil has its own specificities. Be informed when shopping!


The texture

During the massage, the texture of the oil is important since it is the latter which will make the massage pleasant or not. Too greasy an oil will make the skin too slippery and risk staining your client's clothes. On the contrary, an oil that is too thin could penetrate the skin too quickly or leak all over your massage table. An oil that is too creamy could cause residue to appear on the skin, making the experience less pleasant for the client and the massage therapist.

Texture is also a matter of personal taste of the massage therapist. So, be sure to test the texture of the oil on your hand or forearm before purchasing an oil to make sure the texture suits you!


In conclusion, it is important to buy an oil that suits YOU! So, when shopping, think about the type of massage you will be doing and ask for advice on purchasing the oils that will meet your needs!


And if you would like more information, do not hesitate to contact us by chat, telephone or come meet us in store! Our team will be happy to assist you in your purchases!

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