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Bébé heureux, maman sereine : La crème magique qui prend soin de la peau de votre tout-petit ! (Érythème fessier)

Happy baby, serene mother:The magic cream that takes care of your little one's skin! (Nappy rash)

Dear Mom,

We understand how delicate your precious baby's skin is and deserves the best care. This is why we would like to introduce you to the Hyperactive Moisturizing Renewing Cream, an invaluable solution for taking care of your little treasure's skin.

Your baby's skin is precious and it is essential to protect it from any irritation, especially diaper irritation. Our Moisturizing Renewing Cream is specially designed to provide long-lasting hydration, soothe and soften the skin. It preserves the natural elasticity of your baby's skin, while providing essential nutrients for its perfect balance.

Thanks to ingredients such as retinol palmitate, 100% pure natural micronized Canadian Moor extract, and vitamin and mineral extracts, this cream offers numerous benefits:

  • Can be used as a day and night protective cream, providing continuous hydration for your baby's skin.
  • It is excellent for protecting baby's little bottom, preventing and relieving diaper irritation.

Our Moisturizing Renewal Cream is much more than just a baby cream. It is the ideal choice for taking care of your baby's skin. We know you want the best for your little angel, so give them the love and attention they deserve with our Hyperactive Hydrating Renewal Cream.

Take care of your baby with the best of nature, take care of your baby with our Hyperactive Moisturizing Renewing Cream. Here are the two formats available:

See the product : https://www.cliniquelafontaine.com/products/creme-renovatrice-hydratantevariant=395410465752733