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Connaissez-vous vraiment votre huile essentielle de citron?

Do you really know your lemon essential oil?

We know lemon essential oil as an antiseptic and powerful debacterizer of the atmosphere. A simple diffusion of lemon essential oil provides air purification and a fine natural smell of cleanliness.

In the antiseptic aspect, it does not give its place. Whether for a purulent acne spot or a simple application on the cutting board, it cleanses everything!


An oil with multiple benefits

It is the most wonderful link in most formulations of essential oils for the nervous system, also making the perfect synergy like citrus with all essential oils. Thus, a formulation of lavender, lemon or marjoram, lemon and peppermint are popular in our clinics.

Its high concentration of citral and limonene, two active ingredients which are sedatives acting on the nervous system, make lemon an exceptional essential oil which acts majestically in the anxiety states and promotes sleep.

It is combined with the balsam fir, THE petitgrain where the other citrus from the range. For depressive states, it creates a perfect synergy with hemlock.

The citral it contains in large quantities is excellent for inflammations of the skin such as acne and also adipose and connective tissue. This is why formulations for cellulitis, cellulite, fibrositis and all inflammatory connective tissue problems are composed of lemon essential oil.

In these issues, we will combine it with rosemary, Indian verbena and grapefruit.



For skin care, prevention of wrinkles, oily skin, rashes, oral herpes, a few drops in the renovating cream really provide the expected benefit.

Since lemon essential oil is excellent for liver, add two to 3 drops to your morning smoothie or on tea bag or leaves, or even in your salad oil.

Lemon essential oil is called the number one essential oil in aromatherapy. We will therefore find it in the formulations for all systems.


Thanks to Academy of Scientific Massage, Aromatherapy Course, 2022