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Le massage aux bambous:  un indispensable pour les tensions musculaires

Bamboo massage:essential for muscular tension

What is bamboo massage?

THE bamboo massage is a massage therapy that focuses on muscle tension. This technique actually particularly treats the deep tissues of the body. This method has the same objective as deep tissue massage on different muscle groups of the body, using different lengths and sizes of hot bamboo sticks.

Using bamboo sticks is similar in concept to using other tools like basalt and marbles used for hot and cold stone massage therapy.

Not only does the energy flow flow freely: good blood circulation is also achieved. Furthermore, this massage helps to remove any type of stress, whether of physical or mental origin.

During this treatment, the therapist uses specific essential and vegetable oils to provide good glide.

Expect to see a good improvement on the respiratory and nervous system after just a few sessions.


Who is it for?

This type of massage is among the first choices for:

  • sportsmen;
  • people who have recurrences of muscle tensions and contractures;
  • people with well-developed muscles and who like deep massages.

Conversely, skinny people won't necessarily find what they're looking for.


Good massage!