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Évitez la déshydratation. Buvez, à votre santé!

Avoid dehydration. drink, to your health!

You need to refuel daily to replace the water lost in sweat, urine, stools and even when you breathe! This is approximately 1½ liters to 3 liters per day.

You can drink the water directly or choose other liquids. However: not all liquids liquefy in the same way. So, drinks containing caffeine and alcohol give you water, but they also increase its elimination.n.


The dehydration

  1. The first symptom of dehydration, after losing about 1% of your water weight, is simply thirst. If you ignore it, it will become more intense.
  2. At 2%, appetite decreases, blood circulation slows, water leaks from blood cells and blood plasma. Discomfort is felt.
  3. At 4%, nausea and intense fatigue set in. Less water circulates in the tissues, the hands and feet tingle, the temperature rises, breathing and the pulse accelerate.
  4. At 10% of your weight, your tongue swells, your kidneys no longer respond, and your head spins so much that you cannot stand on one foot with your eyes closed and your muscles are paralyzed.
  5. 20%, you're done; you reach your limits. Your skin cracks, your organs stop working and so do you..


If you're on a high-protein diet, you need to drink plenty of water to flush nitrogen compounds from proteins.