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Tables de massage

7 essential elements to check when choosing your massage table

A massage or treatment table should last a long time. It must be able to follow you throughout your career.

 So here are the basic specifications and those that are a real plus!

  1. Easily adjustable in height

  2. A metal frame
    Whether you choose a portable or stationary table, you must choose it according to your type of practice. Perhaps you will choose to have a mixed practice too. Regardless of the type of table chosen, you have all the advantages of choosing a metal table for its solidity and durability.

  3. The cervical head must not support the forearms.
    When the armrest attaches to the cervical head, the weight of the arms adds to that of the head and literally breaks the cervical head upon first aid.

    Opt for one independent armrest rather fixed on the base of the table as is the case in this illustration:
    Example of independent armrest

    Or in steel connected to the headrest steel :
    Example of armrest connected to steel

  4. The width of the table is inversely proportional to the longevity of your career.

    We are often inclined to choose a very wide table for the comfort of the client without stopping at the comfort and posture of the therapist.

    Indeed, the more pronounced the width of the table, the more the therapist must have a posture which, unfortunately, injures him and creates pain which often becomes chronic and this limits the number of clients per day or even puts an end to the practice.

    The ideal table width, excluding side armrests, should be 24 inches or 61 cm to ensure both client and therapist are comfortable.

  5. The bottom panel of the table called "circu", which flips up, allows a wide variety of installation, including lymphatic drainage.

  6. The tilted plane of the table allows you to perform more effective techniques for back and lower back pain. It also allows you to make specific installations. One more tool in our toolbox.

  7. The quality and thickness of the synthetic foam and leatherette are also important elements to take into account.

Happy career!