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7 résultats épatants du soin du visage Bioterra

7 amazing results from bioterra facial treatment

The profitability of facial care no longer needs to be demonstrated. This treatment is hydrating, detoxifying and relaxing. Facial treatments are very popular for relaxation by both men and women. It is a valuable asset for expanding your treatment menu and offering it as a package. This treatment is one of the most requested spa treatments. Practicing it in a clinic is a proven option.

The Bioterra hydrating, detoxifying and relaxing facial treatment was designed for spas. It does not require any equipment or specific training to perform a divine facial treatment.

All products have their specific functions and contribute greatly to the success of the treatment. A simple care protocol guide is included and is easy to follow. All the ingredients are natural and the treatment is suitable for everyone and all skin types.


visage massage


THE Complete program Relaxing and detoxifying facial treatments includes all the products for around fifteen treatments. Each treatment costs less than $10 and is detailed between $60 and $90 for more or less an hour of treatment.

The variety of treatment times depends on the time given to the wonderful massage.

7 amazing results:

  1. The skin becomes fresh and well hydrated
  2. The features are rested
  3. The face is tired
  4. The complexion is lighter
  5. Customers are relaxed
  6. Customers are happy
  7. Rebooking is easy (after the treatment, suggest a next reservation)

In addition, home products are easy to keep in stock and most popular with customers, including the famous renovating cream.bioterra visage

It’s also a great way to build customer loyalty. As a therapist, take pride in offering solutions that work well for your clients after treatment and a future appointment.

Since the products have a shelf life and are really loved by customers, they will come back to you to repeat the experience and renew their skincare products.

To find out more about the products, click on the following link: Complete program Relaxing and detoxifying facial treatments