Détergent dégraisseur ProTextile+ Bio


ProTextile+ Bio Degreaser Detergent

ProTextile+ is an ultra concentrated liquid degreaser detergent that is safe for use on all fabrics and for all washing machines. Naturally clean! Certified non-toxic for the environment Biodegradable (according to OECD test no. 301D or equivalent) Hypoallergenic Non-carcinogenic Phosphate and NTA free No dyes or formaldehyde Neutral pH Pleasant field berry scent ProTextile+ offers superior results for professional bedding and even your personal laundry! Unique recipe tested and approved by leading spas. They wouldn't miss it! Yield of 80 loads. Directions for use : Pour one scoop per regular load. Wash sheets in hot water and towels, bathrobes and other fabrics in cold water. For tough stains, use in combination with our Florisa concentrated stain remover.

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