Chauffe-serviettes professionnel 23l
Chauffe-serviettes professionnel 23l
Chauffe-serviettes professionnel 23l
Chauffe-serviettes professionnel 23l


Professional Towel Warmer 23L


This professional 23L towel warmer allows you to heat your towels and other accessories to offer optimal comfort to your clientele during your treatments. The steam provides relaxing warmth and a pleasant sensation of relaxation!

Equipped with removable stainless steel racks, it allows you to position a variety of items that you want to keep warm.

Ideal for:

  • Dry accessories, such as:
    • Towels
    • Socks and slippers
    • Eye pads
    • Massage stones
  • Wet accessories, such as:
    • Wet towels
    • Herb pouches

This professional towel warmer is very quiet, easy to use, and safe. Towels not included.

Warranty: 1 year

Instructions for Use

1. Place the towel warmer on a flat, stable, and secure surface.
2. Plug in the device.
3. Place the towels inside the towel warmer and close the door tightly.
4. Turn on the towel warmer 40 minutes before the treatment. The switch is located on the front of the device.
5. Turn off the device when you are no longer using it.

For optimal heat, make sure the door is always closed properly.

The sliding reservoir drawer underneath the device collects condensation water drops, empty it regularly.

Wet items: if you do not use the device for 3 consecutive days, do not leave the items inside, wipe the inside of the device. Leave the door open to dry it completely.

Maintenance Instructions
Unplug the device during cleaning. Do not use abrasive products, as this could damage the surfaces. Use a mild soap.

Technical Specifications

Power Supply: 120V
Consumption: 200 W
Frequency: 60Hz
Capacity: 23L (equivalent to 50 hand towels)
Temperature: 70°C-80°C
External Dimensions: 18’’ x 11’’ x 14’’
Internal Dimensions: 14.5’’ x 9.5’’ x 7’’
Weight: 6.1 kg

The towel warmer comes with 2 stainless steel racks and a condensation collection tray to remove excess moisture.


  • Warning, the products inside this device are hot.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not use metal instruments in the device.
  • Do not place objects on the device.
  • Items should not touch the inner wall of the device to avoid discoloration and deformation.

ONE YEAR WARRANTY ON PARTS AND LABOR. This warranty does not cover damage caused by an accident or misuse.

All repair requests must go through our headquarters. Any modification or repair carried out by another unauthorized service center will void this warranty.

Shipping costs are borne by the customer for shipment to the headquarters of Clinique Lafontaine. Clinique Lafontaine, at its discretion, will repair or replace the device free of charge if it shows a defect within 12 months following the date of purchase. The supplier will return the replaced or repaired product to the user.

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