Actuateur manuel pour ajustement en hauteur table massage confort-table


Manual actuator for height adjustment


Replacement part for the Confort-Table table (large cylinder located in the center of the table).

This actuator allows you to manually adjust the table to the desired height.

For the table:

If you have a coffee or high table and you want to replace the actuator with an equivalent part, here are the choices to make:

  • Bass (24″ to 30″) choose:Short manual actuator – steel cylinder length:9″-3/4
  • High (27″ to 34″) choose:Long manual actuator – steel cylinder length:13″-1/2

However, if you have a coffee table and want it to become high, you will need to choose the long manual actuator. If you have a high table and you want it to become low, you will need to choose a short manual actuator.



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