Ensemble actuateurs electriques double action
Manette controle actuateurs electriques
Actuateur electrique ajustement plan incliné
Actuateur electrique ajustement hauteur
Boite contrôle acteurateurs double action


Dual-action electric actuators

Dual-action electric actuators allow for effortless, quiet, mechanical variation of table height and angle of incline with the client on the table. Elevation capacity of 750 lbs. To convert a Low Comfort-Table manual table - choose model: 26"" (66 cm) to 29"" (73 cm) To convert a High Comfort-Table manual table - choose model: 27-3/4"" (68 cm) to 32"" (81 cm) Warranty: 1 year  

39541043101865///High: 27-3/4" to 32":0|

39541043101865///High: 27-3/4" to 32":0|39541043134633///Bass: 26" to 29":0|

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