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Svelte body cream


With its active ingredients, the svelte body cream attacks cellulite, rebellious curves and minor circulatory disorders.

The active performance exclusive to the purifying effects of the Canadian Moor’s  extract paired with a massage promotes a rapid onset of drainage, detoxification and elimination.

The Svelte body cream Cream tackles the heart of the problem with its caffeine composition which, combined with geranium essential oil, stimulates lipolysis (stimulation of fat cell receptors that favors the melting of adipose tissue).

Its slimming assets are an intensive first-line renovator providing visible, lasting and measurable results.

Results from the first applications:

  • More harmonious curves of the body
  • Thighs and buttocks more curved
  • The skin is noticeably firmer
  • The feeling of orange peel skin has changed.


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